In 2017, the ICEVI - Europe Conference will be held in Bruges. Begeleidingscentrum Spermalie (De Kade) is part of the host committee together with 2 other partners: Ganspoel and Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde. These 3 committed partners have a long history of supporting people with visual disabilities and it is in this light they took up the engagement to organize the ICEVI-Europe conference in Bruges in 2017.

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Education and health services for children, young adults and adults with a visual impairment (with or without other impairments)

Total number of clients during 1 year: 753Ambulatory/Outpatient : 576 (2/3)(Semi)Residential: 177 (1/4)
Toddlers, children and young adults: 380Early intervention: 64 

School-age: 211

Homeservice and/or regular school support

Multifunctional Service Center: 105

Flexible Residential: 62+3

Ambulatory/Daycare: 40

Adults: 473In cooperation with Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde: 301

Flexible Support adults: 72

Not-working home: 66

Day-care center: 4

Inclusive Living: 2